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Clash of Kings is very similar to the Clash of Clans gameplay, in both you play in multiplayer, collect resources, build and consolidate strongholds. If you are anxious and want to simplify and shorten the missions time you can do with buying gold, usually pro gamers do this. Even if you buy gold with real money, you still need cope with allies, alone, you`re unable to fight many opponents. You can spy enemies with multiple false accounts before you start an attack against them to secure victory.

Clash of kings is a multiplayer game, so it’s very complex and much more difficult than if you played single player against AI, the human mind is hard to anticipate besides a repetitive computer.

In the game, all you have to do is to develop your kingdom by conquering as many territories as possible with valuable resources. If you have allies you can cooperate in the event of a battle. Multiplayer combat gathers many armies on battlefield. Castles are the essential elements in a kingdom with strong and resistant fortifications that ensure survival. All buildings can be upgraded and users can use tricks to defend from tower rush invasions.


Plot In the early stages of their missions, players try their abilities with weak opponents. Beyond the gates of the kingdom they will know a world of intense PVP action, they can expand and conquer new kingdoms.

The plot of Clash of Kings seems to be not very complicated, however the game architecture is on the knife edge and the gameplay really focused. Assaulting first is very important in this game, however defenders have tactical advantage over invaders. This kind of Fantasy Empire games keep players snared and encourages them to rejoin the fight even after defeat. You need to be very careful when preparing the army before the confrontation, and at the moment of the battle, the troops automatically fight in real time.

Perhaps the most important thing in this game is the economic part, more exactly the collection and management of resources, only an experienced player takes this into account. All units and constructions are economically dependent, and if this is neglected or not given enough attention, defeat and collapse become inevitable. Gathering resources will always be difficult and the alliance’s help is imperative, almost every time. You must always be ready for new invasions or attacks, this also involves a good and constant connection to the Internet. You can play it on any mobile device as long as you are connected to internet.

My personal overview

Despite the fact that there are many complaints about being a copy after another initial game, Clash of Kings has enjoyed great success and appreciation and has become one of the most played on mobile platforms. I personally consider this game to be a better version than Clash of Clans in terms of graphics, audio and gameplay.

With all the criticisms, I love this game because it reminds me of the famous Stronghold, a game played and appreciated by me once. I love realistic medieval strategy games and Clash of Kings is one of them. I do not care that is called  Clash of Clans`s copy as long as it’s on my taste. The Clash of Kings is very complex, realistic with everything a mobile game needs. I think this game is worth the 9/10 mark.

Clash of Kings can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes and played on mobile devices.

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