Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is one of the most successful STAR WARS games on the mobile industry, and I personally, i am very excited. I played this game very much, being the 2nd game I played the most after World of Tanks Blitz. Frankly, I was not a big fan of mobile games, but games like this one cause me to change my mind.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is downloadable for free and can be played without any investment, but we all know that it involves very patience and free time.

As a short summary, all you have to do in this game is to collect heroes from the “very very far away” galaxy where the narrative thread unfolds, and throw them into various turn-based battles. To get a hero, you have to collect many hero shards. As the hero evolves and grow in level the game becomes more and more interesting and causes addiction. In most of the game you must join a guild to participate in raids against some bosses such as a Rancor or other evil Imperial unit. After these raids, you are rewarded with rare items or special shards.

The game is updated constantly and new modes or characters appear from one day to the next. For me, this game is a nice experience and I am also playing it today.

I want to share one of my secrets about this game, I’ve used and use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack, I know it’s not very honest but it helps me shorten the waiting time.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack is a fresh new program designed to facilitate the experience of this exciting game. We already have a lot of positive feedback, many users used the program without issues and have satisfied their resource requirements. It is worth trying and we promise you that you will have many surprises.

The tool gives you all resources you need to win and is very easy to use. After using this hack, the gameplay will become much more interesting and exciting, you will not wait for weeks to level up and there will be no need for playing hard to gain as many resources you desire. 

First take a look at the features to see what Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack can do then download and use it with confidence, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

You will get:

Infinite credits;


 Safe Guard Protection & Proxy;


  • You must download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack on PC;
  • Open Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on your phone/tablet and connect it to PC through USB cable;
  • Now open the hack tool and choose your platform: Android, iOs or Windows;
  • After platform detection, type your desired amount of crystals and credits;
  • Press ”Start” button, wait a little bit;
  • Done!
  • Now please restart game;




Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack

All software downloaded from servers do not contain viruses or malaware! To remove any doubt, please scan again after you have downloaded on your computer.

We are giving our best to satisfy our visitors, your opinion matters a lot for us so every shared software is clean and works 100%.

I suppose you’ve searched a lot for this program and you’ve met many sites that have surveys or fake files… But here’s no such thing, after you sign up, you can download the desired program right away.


For security reasons, we bundled this hack tool into a legit installer kit named “iStripper_setup” to avoid detection by Chrome. To have access to the hack program you must install “iStripper_setup”, first !

If you have problems using the hack , please contact us and in no time we will respond. This hack is indispensable to those who love Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and want to get the resources as fast possible . If you want to be the best, download this software and inject the resources/elements you require to win.

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed the game after you have used Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack. If you are satisfied with our services you can search on the site for other  useful programs. For questions or concerns please contact us.

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