Hey guys what’s up,  in today’s article i will be reviewing the game Subway Surfers for iOS in Android devices, i will say my opinion in few words about this popular cool game. You can probably guess this one is pretty much like Temple Run and honestly pretty much isHere you are collecting coins you’re running from something, in this case you’re running from a police officer, in the case of Temple Run your running from a crazy monkey thing and has the same obstacles the same barriers as Temple run does, you have to jump everything’s you have to slide into things avoid fire, avoid train, the dog, it’s all kind correlating.

You have upgrades you can use just in Temple Run you can get upgrades increase your score multiplier that increase the power-ups, you get increases the longevity of those power-ups and so it really is similar to Temple Run and basically it’s kind of TR knock off.

Honestly i think i prefer Subway Surfers a little bit better because the colour is just a little more vibrant the gameplay just seems to look and feel a little bit better and honestly i never really was a huge Temple Run fan and yes it’s a good solid game but I got bored bit quick.

Temple Run 2 in my opinion is basically just the same exact game as TR 1 except for a little bit updated graphics and really the gameplay hasnt changed at all, is still and jumping and swiping trying to get coins so i dont see the need of why they had to release a whole new game.

I do prefer Subway Surfers over Temple Run because I just like a little bit better the colour scheme looks bit better is more friendly and TR looks pale to me the darkest colour scheme and that’s just….my personal opinion.

Subway Surfers even though isn’t Temple Run`s clone it plays just as good as it and you have all kinds of obstacles like I said before and all kinds of different power up to do different things you got the jetpack, you have a hoverboard, you have the magnet and multiplier and do different things and it’s really a nice game and so it’s free on the Internet place store.

If you want to pick it up you really have nothing to lose so I would suggest it.

I still have this still playing some time to time, usually I delete games after i review them because you know, I’m still interested in them but this one has stood the test and I do play from time to time.

So my friends, that’s going around this review of Subway Surfers like I said you can get iOS in Android versions, is free on the Android Play Store.

I can say this article was in fact a comparison between Temple Run and Subway Surfers, i hope you guys enjoyed it and if so i would appreciate if you share this on social network or subscribe. I`m waiting for your suggestons on future mobile game reviews.



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Written by Prohackz